Getting Family Portraits On The Cheap

01318361539_butcher-0089bw.jpgFamily portraits used to be a common thing many years ago but are quickly beginning to fade out of popularity. This is not likely due to the fact that families do not want portraits anymore but because of the high cost of such portraits at a time when many individuals have less money due to the economy and job loss. Because it is so much harder to make ends meet these days families are having to give up some of life’s luxuries and family portraits just happen to be one of those things. And then not only do you have to pay for portraits to be taken but you also have to pay for frames to display them in as well which is just another added expense. There are ways to have great family portraits in your home though without having to spend way too much money to do so. If you can save money on your family portraits it won’t be so bad buying frames for displaying them and you can put your portraits on the wall so that you can show off your family to all those that will see. Here are a few ideas as to how to get great family portraits on the cheap.

One way to get a portrait of your family without spending a fortune is to look for deals at portrait studios in your area. Often the studios located in discount department stores such a Wal-Mart will offer a great deal around the holidays. In many cases you can get a rather large package of pictures for under $10. These packages usually only include one pose but if your main goal is a photo of your family together you can definitely get that such a low price and plenty of pictures to hand out to the whole family. In many cases it is recommended that you make appointments for portrait studios offering such deals so you may want to call and schedule a sitting before heading out to the studio of your choice.

Another great way to get family portraits for cheap is to take pictures with a camera wit a timer and develop the film at a store that offers different size photos. You can also develop the film and then use the negatives to order different size pictures. Depending on what sizes you want and how many of them this can be as inexpensive as you choose it to be. In most cases though you will get more pictures and in the sizes you want for less than if you were to buy a large package from a portrait studio.

Finally, one of the best ways to get portraits of your family together is to have someone take pictures with a digital camera and then you can print them up yourself. You can get any size pictures up to an 8×10 size and it will surely be the cheapest way to go.

It is great having family portraits but in the past could be very expensive. Take advantage of today’s technology and spend less on pictures without losing quality.