Discover the techniques behind great landscape photography

Discover the techniques behind great landscape photography in this 86 page eBook guide by award-winning photographers Mike Langford and Jackie Ranken. In Creative Landscape Photography, Mike and Jackie use the stunning surroundings of Queenstown, New Zealand, to demonstrate both classic and contemporary approaches to capturing natural landscape images.
Mike and Jackie kick-off with a quick guide to familiarise yourself with the various shooting modes and settings on your camera before then discussing the creative idea and translating it into the images you visualise. The focus throughout the book is achieving the desired effect entirely in-camera with little or no reliance on post-processing.
Next venture into some of the locations which inspired Lord of the Rings and Narnia’s film makers, where Mike and Jackie reveal the ideas and inspiration behind 30 beautiful landscape photos and the technical settings to realise them. Each of these unique field stories all finish with their personal tips for different styles of landscape photography.
The eBook concludes with invaluable technical notes about composition, exposure and understanding histograms, depth-of-field, shooting and focusing modes, filters, in-camera processing and more. You’ll also discover what equipment Mike and Jackie carry in their bags.

This eBook is for anyone who wants to take their landscape photography to the next level! It costs $9.97 USD, has 86 pages and is sold as a downloadable 33MB PDF which can be viewed on almost any computer, laptop or tablet, including the iPad.

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