Getting Creative With Your DSLR Camera

Sling Strap

While you don’t need a totally empty road for this kind of image, it helps with impact, so be prepared to get up well before the traffic. The light tends to much better just after sunrise as well

* You can borrow many techniques and tips from landscape photography – use a tripod (where it’s safe to do so) to keep shots sharp, and set a narrow aperture (higher f number) to maximise depth of field and front to back sharpness. Don’t set too narrow an aperture, however, as your image can end up softer because of diffraction Credits: 9 creative photo ideas to try in June | Digital Camera World

Be Creative 

The Creative Colour Kit is ideal for portraiture, macro subjects and video interviews on location, or even as a fill-in within the studio. Pro photographer Tom Lee says: “This is an incredibly versatile kit for very little money and will fulfil a multitude of roles when time is of the essence and quality will not be compromised.” Credits: the ideal gift for your DSLR! (Sponsored) – Digital Camera World

What is Underexposure?

With the release of the D750, much has been made of its ability to recover shadow detail. Given the range of talents that the D750 has it is strange that this has been singled out given that the D800 and D4, released in 2012, outperform it in this regard, and the cheaper D600 (also from 2012) is able to match it at base ISO. And the old guard, the D700, D3 and D3s, weren’t too shabby at recovery either! With news of incredible shadow recovery typically there comes two responses: the hyperbolic “That’s amazing! I want one NOW!” and the cynical “you wouldn’t need shadow recovery if you exposed right.” There is, of course that third response: ‘I wish the 5D mkIII could do that’ but I won’t get into that here… Credits: Creative underexposure with Nikon DSLR camera | Nikon Rumors

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