ViewSonic 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame (VFD820-50): Camera & Photo ViewSonic 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame (VFD820-50): Camera & Photo.

The ViewSonic VFD820-50 8” digital photo frame offers an ultra-slim and stylish space saving design to showcase your most cherished memories any place you choose. Enjoy amazing image quality with the high resolution 800×600 screen, designed to perfectly frame your photos with an ideal 4:3 aspect ratio. This fashionable and functional piece of décor is a great addition to any environment, with built-in calendar and clock functions. Energy saving features like LED backlight, auto on/off and light sensor make this a green, eco-friendly technology. A digital photo frame makes a great gift to show your loved ones how much you care. Enjoy your favorite photos in vibrant beauty and luxurious style with a ViewSonic digital photo frame.

Family Portraits

21318361116_4eff.jpgFamily portraits are a cherished part of everyone’s memories, when they look back on their childhood. With today’s digital portraits, the quality of the photographs is even better than it was in the past. Portraits of your family will provide a nostalgic look back at your family’s growth. A portrait will show the lifestyle and dynamics of your family, and there are some proper or traditional ways to dress for family portraits.
It’s helpful to have your outfits coordinated for portraits. You don’t want all the clothes matching, unless you’re going that direction in a humorous way, but they should be complementary in style. Basically, all should dress casually or in a more formal way, but all should be the same.
Select clothing that is appropriate for the setting of your family portraits. If you have an autumn backdrop, you might wear khakis or jeans. If you use a background that is more plain in color, you will be able to show off semi-formal or formal wear.
Subtle patterns and solids in clothing lend themselves well to family portraits. If you wear bolder designs, this may pull the attention away from the people in the photograph. Allowing the clothes to complement each other makes your picture more natural, and digital family portraits will show everything more clearly and effectively. can make your family portrait an affair to remember.
You should wear clothing that has a timeless quality, and wear something appropriate for the photograph. Your age can help to determine the clothes you will wear, rather than dating the portrait with clothes more comfortable in a previous time.
Be sure you wear correct socks and shoes for family portraits. If you are getting a full-body shot, your feet will be in the picture, so if you need to wear something else later in the day, take a change of clothes along. If you are having more than one portrait taken and will be wearing other clothes for other pictures, take along socks and shoes that go with each outfit.
Some colors go well in family portraits, including black, navy blue and earth tones. These are especially suited to outdoor photographs. If you wear white, you may be lost in a lighter background. Bright colors don’t work well for family portraits, since they can alter the look of your skin tone.
Women in family portraits should wear only a minimum of jewelry, and if you wear make-up, it should look natural. Outside of this, a bit of blush or lipstick is OK, so that it will show up properly. You can take a small make-up bag with you too, in case you want to slightly change your look, or make adjustments. Wear clothes that fit properly, rather than baggy clothing, which can make you appear larger.

Getting Natural Expressions from a Child

11318361540_robinson-20.jpgWhile you’re getting your child dressed at home prior to your portrait session, talk to your child about going to meet one of your friends. Don’t talk about taking pictures, practicing your smile, and big scary lights in an empty room. Use phrases like, “Mommy is going to go see a friend, and she really wants to meet you! We’re going to play at her house, OK? Mommy and daddy will be there the whole time playing too!”

If you’re opting for outdoor portraits, let your child know that you’re going to go play at the park and will be meeting a friend there. Usually children associate an outdoor location with fun and play, and the nervous side of them will disappear. If you have had undesirable experiences in a studio setting in the past, you should try your next portrait session outdoors for change of pace.Remember to dress your child in comfortable children’s clothing. They are not mini-adults, so avoid putting your 1-year-old in a 3-piece suit or tulle lined taffeta gown complete with patent leather shoes, itchy tights and a hot jacket. If you want your child to have a fun, natural expressions, they have to be comfortable.Your photographer should do several things to loosen up the child and create an element of trust before the portrait session. Playing a quick game, acting silly together and just communicating before the camera is even in sight will make the child respond with a positive attitude towards their new friend.
If your photographer doesn’t work with these elements, you can help create a bond between your child and the photographer by creating a conversation for them. Children love telling strangers about themselves. A few conversation starters would be, “Oh honey, tell the nice lady about your new puppy. She likes pets too!” Your photographer will probably end up knowing more about the family pet, his toys and how potty training is going than you ever cared to share! I have captured many genuine smiles while a child explains with exuberance how their new puppy has pooped on the rug! Although mom’s face might turn red at that point, I don’t really care because her embarrassment will turn to smiles when she sees her portrait proofs of a smiling child!You can also prompt you child to tell the photographer your phone number or address. When a child realizes that they know the answer to a question, especially one that they have been praised for learning, they will eagerly talk about it again.Once the photo session is underway, the photographer should stay on your child’s level, and not loom over them. He should crouch down, and sit to talk to, not down at, the child. Allow the photographer to keep the fun conversations going, so he can capture the moments of smiles and giggles as your child tells fun stories about dad’s stinky feet, or the funny smells and sounds that come from baby brother.Take a moment to do something goofy. Do jumping jacks, twirl around or lay on your tummy. The child will surely follow suit and forget about the picture taking process, and get into a happy, responsive mood. This is when you allow your photographer to work their magic, capturing the innocent, insightful moments, the giggles and the serious expressions.If all else fails, bribery works 99% of the time. Bring a favorite toy along, but keep it hidden until it’s absolutely necessary to elicit smiles. Candy, a snack, keys to play with or even the option to take off their shoes will also work.If you want to get the best expressions from children, remember that they are just that, children. Don’t expect them to respond like adults. Play on their level, and never, ever tell them they are going to a studio where they have to sit still, be good, be quiet and ultimately be bored, be stiff and be unnatural.You won’t need to ever use the expression, “Come on honey, smile!” if the photographer does their job well, and lets your kid, be a kid!

Getting Family Portraits On The Cheap

01318361539_butcher-0089bw.jpgFamily portraits used to be a common thing many years ago but are quickly beginning to fade out of popularity. This is not likely due to the fact that families do not want portraits anymore but because of the high cost of such portraits at a time when many individuals have less money due to the economy and job loss. Because it is so much harder to make ends meet these days families are having to give up some of life’s luxuries and family portraits just happen to be one of those things. And then not only do you have to pay for portraits to be taken but you also have to pay for frames to display them in as well which is just another added expense. There are ways to have great family portraits in your home though without having to spend way too much money to do so. If you can save money on your family portraits it won’t be so bad buying frames for displaying them and you can put your portraits on the wall so that you can show off your family to all those that will see. Here are a few ideas as to how to get great family portraits on the cheap.

One way to get a portrait of your family without spending a fortune is to look for deals at portrait studios in your area. Often the studios located in discount department stores such a Wal-Mart will offer a great deal around the holidays. In many cases you can get a rather large package of pictures for under $10. These packages usually only include one pose but if your main goal is a photo of your family together you can definitely get that such a low price and plenty of pictures to hand out to the whole family. In many cases it is recommended that you make appointments for portrait studios offering such deals so you may want to call and schedule a sitting before heading out to the studio of your choice.

Another great way to get family portraits for cheap is to take pictures with a camera wit a timer and develop the film at a store that offers different size photos. You can also develop the film and then use the negatives to order different size pictures. Depending on what sizes you want and how many of them this can be as inexpensive as you choose it to be. In most cases though you will get more pictures and in the sizes you want for less than if you were to buy a large package from a portrait studio.

Finally, one of the best ways to get portraits of your family together is to have someone take pictures with a digital camera and then you can print them up yourself. You can get any size pictures up to an 8×10 size and it will surely be the cheapest way to go.

It is great having family portraits but in the past could be very expensive. Take advantage of today’s technology and spend less on pictures without losing quality.