Commercial Photography

f_1p36.jpgWhere do you find professional photographers that specialise in Commercial Photography?

You could look for creative individuals online. The skills of extremely talented photographers are often required for Commercial Photography and corporate clients can commission innovative photographers to complete projects on their behalf. Architecture features heavily in Commercial Photography and seasoned professionals capture a host of interior and exterior settings for numerous clients. The construction industry regularly uses Commercial Photography and large projects can be captured as they are being brought to life. Experience plays an important part of Commercial Photography and the services of leading suppliers in the industry can be secured online.

Show the quality of your projects with Commercial Photography

Let others witness the wonder of your schemes as they are being created and then captured with Commercial Photography.

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Commercial Photography

Where do you find professional photographers that specialise in Commercial Photography? You could look for creative individuals online. The skills of extremely talented photographers are often required for Commercial Photography and corporate clients can commission innovative photographers to complete projects on their behalf. Commercial Photography – Photography as a Business

Photography- I guess this won’t be a strange word to hear for most of you but commercial photography? Do you have enough idea about that? Photography For Your Wedding

Wedding is not just an event but it is journey that two people have decided to take. Wedding photography may not be a mainstream or commercial photography but it is still an art. It should not be considered to be anything less than serious photography. In fact it is one of the most demanding disciplines of 2 Tips To Become A Commercial Photographer

Commercial photography is a profession which covers many areas of life. It is very dynamic and creative. Yet, to become successful in this area requires your enthusiasm and investment of both time and money. Commerical photography is very useful for some certain fields such as advertising or wedding photography. There are many commercial photogprahers who hold professional qualifications.Your cutting-edge architecture could be breaking new ground and quiet rightly you should be fiercely proud of this fact. Highlight your fine architectural features with Commercial Photography and let still pictures represent a true reflection of your work. Experts in Commercial Photography can produce the most amazing results as they capture a stunning series of pictures. Need professional pictures of your projects? Work with the experienced photographers who produce captivating Commercial Photography for numerous blue chip clients. They’ll provide you with expertly taken photographs that promote your projects in all of their glory, wherever they might be.

Achieve great aerial shots with Commercial Photography

There’s only so much that you can do on the ground. If you want to capture the sheer scale of a particular project you need to take to the skies. Ok, you might not be the one who takes the pictures you’ll be leaving that in the very capable hands of professionals who know how to take aerial pictures during Commercial Photography campaigns. Want to document a project using Commercial Photography? You can ask the experts in aerial photography to provide ongoing photographic services that can help you to record the project as it develops. The diversity and skills of the professional photographers enables them to produce Commercial Photography of the highest standards; whatever the work might entail.

Wholesale High Performance Digital Camera-Travelers’ Dream

21318360579_digitalcameras.jpgAccording to the free Encyclopedia-Wikipedia, a digital camera (or digicam for short) is a camera that takes video or still photographs, or both, digitally by recording images via an electronic image sensor. The technology is developing rapidly day by day and providing people more advanced services. Many compact digital still cameras can not only record sound and moving video but also photographs. And the digital camera is becoming more and more popular around the whole world. If you are a travel enthusiast, a high quality digital camera is what you must be dreaming to own. Indeed, there are tons of various digital cameras on today’s market for your choice-famous brands as Aigo, Canon, Casio, Fujifilm, HP, Leica, Mamiya, Nikon and Olympus. Undoubtedly, most of them enjoy good reputation due to their performance. However, the sky-high prices make them inaccessible to the common user who has to take budget as the top priority. Luckily, there are many electronics wholesalers provide relatively lower-priced digital camera while with satisfying good performance. Among them Chinazrh is one of the outstanding online stores where you can get a beautiful 5.0 mega pixel digital camera with only $50.90 and $163.10 for a 12.0 mega pixel digital camera. Am I joking? Why not take a look at them with your own eyes. I bet you will love them the minute you give it a glance.

The following are two examples which can best speak for themselves. The first one is the Eye-catching Red High-performance 5.0 Mega Pixel Camera. This is a brand new high performance 5 mega pixel Digital Camera. This digital camera takes up to 12MP still photos (via interpolation), videos at a computer friendly 640*480 and also voice. This smart digital camera with a high quality 2.7 inch TFT screen allows you to view and adjust your pictures or videos timely. And the 8X digital zoom bring the far-away scene closer to you. Besides, this lovely red digital camera supports SD/MMC card up to 8GB, so if you are doing some winter hiking, skiing, or snorkeling, you have the option of using a single SD card that will easily store all the days’ events. Moreover, this digital camera can be used as an active PC Web Camera to facilitate your online communication. Want a higher-pixel digital camera? Look at this 10.0 Mega pixel CCD digital camera with 2.7 inch LTPS LCD touch panel. This is a versatile digital camera with 10.0Mega Pixel CCD Sensor, blink detection, optical and digital zoom, video recording at 30FPS and smile focus. Solidly built with electronic anti-shake, custom ISO select, white balance, a powerful flash and a smile detection that always allows you to capture the right moments. Pretty cool! If you enjoy taking pictures, then you must be pretty tired of chasing your objects. This digital camera’s smooth optical zoom and digital zoom bring your objects closer to you. This new model high pixel digital camera comes with a 2.7 inch LTPS LCD touch screen for a more comfortable picture taking experience. And there are many wonderful features you usually find in a Sony or Canon digital camera. Connect with your computer for clearer viewing through the high speed USB 2.0. And you can also insert a SDHC card up to 16GB, enough for your usage. In one word, this good-performance is undoubtedly the ideal camera for outdoors enthusiasts, home user or travelers. Of course, you will enjoy more choices of digital cameras from Chinazrh while supplies various wholesale electronics. What we can guarantee is not only the quality of electronics we wholesale without any M.O.Q. but also considerate and thoughtful service which you can get from other electronic wholesalers.

Take Your Photography to the Next Level With this 10 Minute Technique

Photographing the International Space Station is no easy feat. It takes skill, a fair amount of planning, and a whole lot of patience. After years of planning, Aaron Harris has managed to perfect his method for capturing the ISS in transit. Aaron uses his Canon 7D with a Sigma 150-500mm, and of course his Triggertrap […] Credits: How to Photograph the International Space Station. Every. Single. Time.

Interested in photographing fashion and models? You may want to take a moment to watch the entertaining clip below. In the video, filmmaker, Yolanda Dominguez, sits down with a group of 8 year old children and shows them various photographs from recent fashion campaigns. As they describe their initial reactions to the images, you can’t […] Credits: Children Give Unfiltered Opinions On How Models Are Portrayed In Fashion Photography


A window covering manufacturer, Somfy, just released an interesting crowd sourced photo project aptly titled, “A View From Here“. For the project, they tasked 27 photographers from around the globe with a rather simple set of instruction: take two photographs of the view from your window, (one in the morning and one in the evening) [… Credits: Crowd Sourced Photo Project Delivers Window Views From Around The World

Sling Strap.

The unfortunate fact that no photographer is a stranger to back pain. Sling Strap Reilved The Back Pain Try It

Using Your Smart phone Or Tablet As Light Source.


Some simple ways of using smartphones or tablet as light source to create amazing photos I remember watching a VHS tape about photography lighting with the great Dean Collins. I was truly amazed with the way things were arranged in the studio and how he placed the light. This was magic to me, and Dean Collins was the magician.I watched it over and over, trying to find the little tricks behind everything he was doing. Since that day, every time I see a picture, I try to understand how it was done and how the light was placed, the quality of the light, the reflections, and the shadows it casts. What I’ve learned along the way is that a lot of the commercial images you see are done with some really simple lighting setups, and not in the big studios with the big production sets that you might imagine.The next image is an example.This image might look like a complicated and high-end lighting setup, but in fact, the only light sources used here were simply a tablet and a smartphone.This is a typical light painting image, where the camera is placed on a tripod and the image shot at ISO 50, f/5.6 and a 4 second exposure time. I used the lowest ISO so I could make the image as clean and noiseless as possible. F/5.6 was the chosen aperture to give me the depth of field effect I was looking for, and after a couple of test shots, I realized that 4 seconds was the correct exposure time for the light I was using. It also gave me a comfortable time-frame in which I could move the light around and create the desired effect. An infrared remote shutter release was used to avoid touching the camera and keep it as steady as possible.Light painting is a technique I use a lot in my work. Credits: How to Use Your Tablet or SmartPhone as a Light Source for Photography


The unfortunate fact that no photographer is a stranger to back pain. Sling Strap help to relived the back pain

Getting Creative With Your DSLR Camera

Sling Strap

While you don’t need a totally empty road for this kind of image, it helps with impact, so be prepared to get up well before the traffic. The light tends to much better just after sunrise as well

* You can borrow many techniques and tips from landscape photography – use a tripod (where it’s safe to do so) to keep shots sharp, and set a narrow aperture (higher f number) to maximise depth of field and front to back sharpness. Don’t set too narrow an aperture, however, as your image can end up softer because of diffraction Credits: 9 creative photo ideas to try in June | Digital Camera World

Be Creative 

The Creative Colour Kit is ideal for portraiture, macro subjects and video interviews on location, or even as a fill-in within the studio. Pro photographer Tom Lee says: “This is an incredibly versatile kit for very little money and will fulfil a multitude of roles when time is of the essence and quality will not be compromised.” Credits: the ideal gift for your DSLR! (Sponsored) – Digital Camera World

What is Underexposure?

With the release of the D750, much has been made of its ability to recover shadow detail. Given the range of talents that the D750 has it is strange that this has been singled out given that the D800 and D4, released in 2012, outperform it in this regard, and the cheaper D600 (also from 2012) is able to match it at base ISO. And the old guard, the D700, D3 and D3s, weren’t too shabby at recovery either! With news of incredible shadow recovery typically there comes two responses: the hyperbolic “That’s amazing! I want one NOW!” and the cynical “you wouldn’t need shadow recovery if you exposed right.” There is, of course that third response: ‘I wish the 5D mkIII could do that’ but I won’t get into that here… Credits: Creative underexposure with Nikon DSLR camera | Nikon Rumors

Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mat, For Worry Free Baking



Vitality's Silicone Baking Mats A Safe Alternative To Parchment Paper

When it comes to food preparation, the safest and healthiest options must be explored to eliminate consequential health complications. Fortis Production’s Silicone Baking Mats are seen as a viable option to use in place of parchment paper.

( — December 2, 2014) — Parchment Paper is usually bleached white paper or unbleached brown paper. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “Dioxin is formed as an unintentional by-product of many industrial processes involving chlorine such as waste incineration, chemical and pesticide manufacturing and pulp and paper bleaching.”

Bleached white parchment which is widely used contains this harmful toxin that can cause reproductive and growth problems.  Dioxin can leach from the parchment paper and seep into food which subsequently ends up inside the body. More people have been moving towards safer options for kitchen use, especially to prevent diseases.

Fortis Productions launched their set of silicone baking mats to meet the consumption demand for a completely safe non-stick cookware that can be used for baking.  This silicone baking mat is especially safer than parchment paper since it does not release any harmful toxins during use.  

Fortis Production’s Silicone Baking Mat set are non-stick baking mats with surfaces that can replace the traditionally used parchment papers to eliminate the need for greasing baking sheets or tins.  Parchment paper is flammable at very high temperatures.  However, unlike parchment paper, silicone baking mats can be used in toaster ovens and on grill grates without being destroyed or causing a fire.

Traditionally parchment paper would be used to cover, wrap or line baking containers for baking.  Along with being completely safe for the environment, silicone baking mats prove to be a more versatile accessory in the kitchen.  A popular non-toxic living devotee, Debra Lynn Dadd, gave her thumbs up to silicone baking mats for use in food preparation because it is not harmful to people, wildlife or the environment.

Consumers can get rid of the disposable parchment papers from their kitchen and start saving money with the reusable silicone baking mats 

 Credits: Vitality's Silicone Baking Mats a Safe Alternative to Parchment Paper – Newswire (press release)



Around the world, it's time for holiday cookies: German springerles rolled out with patterned rolling pins; Dutch speculoos as tall as St. Nick and as intricately detailed as a stained glass window; internationally beloved gingerbread men, women, children and pets; and, of course, the icon of American holiday baking, the butter cookie, a cookie so satisfying we crave it all year long.

It's a simple cookie, but when the holidays roll around, we bakers ask a lot of it: It's got to hold its shape – no droopy Santas or stars without points. It's got to welcome frosting, icing and sprinkles galore. It's got to travel without mishap to Grandma's and beyond. It's got to keep well. And it's got to look like a winner at the annual cookie swap. Wow!

When it comes to holiday cookies, everything depends on the recipe and a few simple techniques. Relax. I've got you covered this year. And I've broken it all down into delicious, bite-size chunks.



My go-to recipe has very few ingredients, so each one counts, especially the butter. Butter provides most of the flavor and plays a big role in giving the cookies their crisp-on-the-outside and flaky-on-the-inside texture. Don't even think about using margarine or shortening. And even though there's just 1 teaspoon of vanilla in the dough, its flavor comes through, so be certain to use pure vanilla extract.



The dough for these cookies is almost like French tart dough and, like almost all cookie recipes, it benefits from being mixed as briefly as possible once the flour goes in. There's a lot of flour in this recipe – you need it for structure – so I like to mix the dough just until it forms moist clumps and curds. Then I turn it out onto the counter and, working with a small amount at a time, I smear each portion along the counter with the heel of my hand to complete the blending. In French, this technique is called fraisage, and it's not only effective, but fun.



The easiest way to roll this (and most other doughs) is to start as soon as it is mixed (a heresy in classic baking, but hey, it works). Work with half the dough at a time, placing it between two large sheets of kitchen parchment or waxed paper. Roll on both sides (your dough bakes more evenly when you do) and, from time to time, peel away the papers to be sure you're not rolling them into the dough and creating creases. When you're finished, keep the dough sandwiched between the papers.



The freezer is your best friend when you're working with a butter-rich dough. Chill the dough after rolling it and, if it gets soft after you've cut it, chill it again before baking.



To get the cleanest shapes, be sure to use cutters with thin, sharp edges. Press down firmly on the cutter – don't turn or jiggle – then carefully release the dough using your fingers to push it out of the cutter, if needed.

 Credits: Recipe, simple technique demystify cut holiday cookies – The Missoulian



Great Way To bake Turn Your Pan Into A Non-Stick Surface



Fits most 16.25”x 11.5” baking pans. Flavors or odors will not penetrate the baking mats. Can be used in an oven up to 480 degrees

Silicone Baking Mats are the Ultimate Baking product, they eliminates the need for cooking sprays, oils, butter or parchment paper for a healthier baking option.

These will quickly become your new favorite kitchen must have item.

Easy to clean with warm water and mild dish soap and air dry, also dishwasher safe.


Why we Love Canvas DSLR Camera Bag/Backpack. You Should Too If You Own A DSLR Camera


Canvas DSLR Camera Shoulder Backpack

If you own a DSLR Camera, then you need to have a proper backpack for it too. A good camera backpack can be hanged on your shoulder to give the convenience and flexibility so that you can carry it anywhere without worrying about the safety of your camera.
The Canvas DSLR Camera Shoulder Backpack from DP Plus has the Following Features:


  • It is waterproof and you need not worry about it getting wet in rains.
  • It is made out of durable and excellent quality canvas materials and also leather.
  • The backpack is lightweight and the design is compact to give the maximum protection and durability.
  • There are inside pads inside the bag, which are made up of pure cotton. These will give the necessary protection for the lens and the camera.
  • The pad is made ergonomically and there are adjustable dividers inside, which can be removed as well. There are 2 compartments inside and 2 pockets on the sides and there are 1 pocket in the back and the bottom as well.
  • Quite suitable for hiking, outdoor sports and traveling.
  • The product is anti microbial and comes with a guarantee.
  • It is quite fashionable and compact and can be easily used for daily and regular trips.
  • It is the most suitable for Sony, Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Pentax cameras
  • It has a secured zipper system so that you can take out your cameras quickly and easily.
  • It is shock absorbable and can handle all kinds of shocks and bumps.
The multiple packets in the bag can be used for storing the daily necessities. In fact, you can even store the batteries, memory cards, cleaning clothes etc in the front pocket. The appearance of the bag is quite casual and is made out of cotton canvas of high density. It is processed with sand washing to give than soft feel and vintage look. So, if you have a DSLR camera which has a mid-range zoom lens, it can be easily accommodated in this bag. And, you can also fit in your PDA or flash in this bag.
Now that you have learnt all the features of this awesome product, you can go ahead and purchase this product. For giving your expensive DSLR cameras some waterproof protection, breathability, flexibility, these canvas backpack bags are really good. Also, you can easily protect the cameras from getting scratches and damaged. Nikon 1 J2 10.1 MP HD Digital Camera with 10-30mm VR Lens (White): NIKON: Camera & Photo : Nikon 1 J2 10.1 MP HD Digital Camera with 10-30mm VR Lens (White) : Compact System Digital Cameras : Camera & Photo. : Canvas DSLR Camera Shoulder Bag /Backpack. Canvas DSLR Camera Shoulder Bag- Backpack – Waterproof – Messenger Bag – For Sony – Canon – Nikon – Olympus – Pentax – The best Rucksack Bag For Hiking -Traveling – Outdoor Sport – Accessories for your Camera – And A Good investment For your D.

Canvas DSLR Camera Outdoor Backpack Bag For Travel-Hiking-Sport Rucksack-Outdoor

Made Of High Quality And Durable Canvas Material And Leather

Vintage-Styled Canvas Camera Shoulder Bag/Backpack

• premium canvas and leather vintage unisex design
• waterproof, breathable, antimicrobial
• ergonomic yet rugged product
• suitable for most digital SLRʼs and accessories
• flexible for travel, school or business
• use as a backpack or shoulder bag
• easily customized for your needs

Suitable for the Serengeti plain or the streets of New York City, this sand-washed high
density, cotton canvas bag offers high-fashion with a vintage look, evoking the nostalgia
of yesteryear while maintaining todayʼs easy care. Made of the highest quality materials
— premium cotton canvas, top-grade leather, and durable metal fittings –, this bag is
antimicrobial, breathable, yet fully waterproof. Suitable for most Canon, Nikon, and
Sony cameras and accessories, the bag fits a digital SLR with a zoom lens attached,
while allowing room for extra lenses and accessories. The inner padding is durable, soft
and protective of your sensitive electronics, absorbing vibration and shock. Two inside
compartments, two side pockets, one back and one bottom pocket create easily
organized storage for any shooting expedition. Your camera will arrive at your
destination scratch and dust free, and will remain so throughout your journey. Remove
the inner padding, and the bag easily converts to daily or travel use. Replaces your
carry-on for air travel, with room for all the necessities of your trip. Great for the college
campus, with room for books, protection for your tablet, and even a spot for a sandwich
or a bag of trail mix. And, it is perfect for the commute to the office, where its durability
allows you to pile plenty of files on top of your laptop. The flexible, ergonomic, unisex
design combines the look you want with the functionality you need. The best
investment to protect your camera and accessories, this high-end product stretches
your budget through its multiplicity of uses. Get yours now while supplies last!